Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Initial thoughts and ideas for a pitch

1. My frist initial idea is a video blog (vlog). This would include someone infront of a camera talking to the audience, maybe telling a story, doing challenges, or asking his or her viewers questions on several subjects. This video would be fully interactive, smooth, and lively to keep the attention of the audience throughout all of the video blog. To exhibit knowledge and understanding of software such as Final Cut (and also make use of the green screen) I would create opening tittles for the blog which leaves lots of scope to do many different things and use lots of different effects. This idea doesn't have to be a person just sitting infront of a camera in their home. To make it more interesting and varied, I would shoot some of the footage at several different locations as well. The main person/ presenter involved could possibly venture out onto the streets asking people questions and their views on different topics. See video below for an example 
2. The second idea i had was a tutorial of some sort. In the video the audience could learn how and attempt to do something new. This could be literally anything such as; how to make a pillow case, how to apply make up, how to play a certain song on a musical instrument or how to cook a certain type of food. If I was to make more videos for the Youtube or Vimeo (etc) channel then they could follow and theme. For example the channel could be about Japanese culture or cooking in general or how to play a certain style of guitar or drums. This gives us lots of scope to work with and we could also use lots of effects with the editing software in this video as well. See video below for an example 

3. For my third pitch idea I thought we could make a promotional video for one of the University's sports clubs. In particular, The Cycling Club. My flatmate is the president and I am also apart of the society. This means it would be very easy to gain access to shoot footage and interviews with the people involved. This video would be used to raise awareness of what the club do and give the audience any information that they would need about the club if they were interested in joining. The video could also include interviews with people on the club's committee and the current members getting their views on the club, why they joined and why other people should join. See video below for an example.

Project Brief

In this blog I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas, during the process of creating my group's short audio and visual video to be streamed online. In this project I will be working with Carys and Shannen. I am confident that as a group we will work together and cooperate with each other to produce a high quality video that we are all pleased with and proud of. We all have experience in working in a group format to create audio and visual texts, and we currently have lots of ideas and inspiration to be doveloping and working with.