Friday, 23 November 2012

Paranormal Activity Movie Spoof - Plan

For the film spoof we have decided to recreate a trailer for Paranormal Activity. It will obviously be slightly different to the actual version because it's a spoof so we are trying to make it humorous and funny for the audience. Below is our plan for this feature, it will be enhanced by the short sharp editing style and music which we will use. It will probably change slightly during the filming and post production but it roughly outlines which shots and scenes we want to include in this part of the programme.

  • Image of house in blue light CCTV style. On screen title - opening 2012.
  • Green background with the text - "The following preview has been approved for appropriate audiences by the motion picture association of America".
  • Various shots from different place around the house - it's empty, creates tension and horror, and shows the girl is alone and has the house to herself
  • Still image on screen before: 'nothing can prepare you' in big bold letters.
  • DAY 1. Door opens, 3 second pause dog lifted up in front of the camera (with horror sound). Slowly zoom in. 
  • DAY 2. Girl on webcam sitting on her bed. Curtains slightly open for light.
  • Shot of the 'ghost' in bed sheets with comedic eyes and mouth drawn on. Girl invites her friend over because she's scared and can hear strange noises.
  • Girl goes to the toilet, leaves some food on her bed (clear shot of this) ghost comes in takes bite of food, the girl then walks back into the room and goes to her bed. She notices that her food is missing/ has been eaten then ghost makes noise etc... they both scream - close of of ghost and girl screaming)
  • Various shots of the girl running round the house looking really scared, close ups of her face and in some of the shots you can see the ghost in the background following her around the house.
  • DAY 3: bedroom door opens. Ghost goes in watching her sleep. Girl wakes up, screams, then rolls off the bed. This creates a loud bang then there's silence for 3 seconds and then the ghost helps the girl up back onto her bed, girl sleepily thanks the ghost.

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