Thursday, 3 January 2013

Audience Feedback

Even though we still have quite a bit of editing work and polishing to do on our production, we have already received a few bits of audience feedback. All of the comments given to us were very positive and assuring which we are all very happy about. People commented on the scenes and features in the programme saying they were highly comical and that they made them laugh. This was great news to us because we all had some fears within the group, that what we thought was funny and comical wasn't going to be humorous and entertaining to the audience. Therefore the show would just be a massive failure, so this feedback from people was really good to hear. People also pointed out to us that the music we had used in some of the features really helped to bring out the humour and comedy. The comments also made us more motivated to get the programme finished so we could screen our work to others.

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