Thursday, 10 January 2013


  • We used Final Cut Pro 7 to edit our work. 

  • We all have had experience with using this programme before from doing other projects. 

  • Familiarising ourselves with the software didn't take very long, and the techniques and shortcuts were quickly picked up again. 
  • The green screen was also easy to get to grips with, we found adding all of the effects and filters for it a lot easier than last time. This was mainly because it was just us presenting and all of the green screen shots were the same set up. Because we had past experience with using green screen we planned it in a certain way so it was straightforward when it came to the green screen post production. 
  • Taking lots of coverage shots left us with scope and space to play around with the clips if we found that any of them weren't in focus, were shaky, or they simply just didn't fit as well as we hoped them to. 
  • Because of the boom mic issue we used Soundtrack Pro to add effects and filters, get rid of the booming wind noise, and to make the quality better. We are all pleased with how well this worked and the interview clips sound nearly as good as the others. 
  • When we did get stuck with editing in Final Cut Pro, we looked up 'How To' videos on Youtube (see this for example: These were really quick, helpful, and gave us hand on advice that we could very easily follow step by step. They include videos of the screen so you can see what exactly you need to click and where exactly that is within the programme. We also used a few pages from 'The Focal Easy Guide To Final Cut Pro 7- Rick Young'. 

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