Thursday, 10 January 2013


  • Overall looking back at the work that me and my group have produced I am really pleased with the final outcome. 
  • All of us have tried our best and worked really hard on 'Laugh Out Loud' to produce a high quality piece of work. I personally have learnt a lot more than I already knew about Final Cut and other software programs which we have used to make this production. 
  • We wanted this programme that we produced to not look like an amateur student constructed project, but instead a professional piece of media that we are all proud to be a part of and have made.
  • Everyone within the group has put in an equal amount of effort into making this production in each of the planning, practical, research, and production areas. We can definitely all work together as a good team. Both Shannen and Carys are dedicated, hard working, enthusiastic and reliable, and I would absolutely work with these guys again in any future projects. 
  • We have all decided that we are going to spend some of our spare time next semester producing some other videos together. This will help to keep us focused, improve our research and planning, editing skills, working cooperatively as a team, and will also help us build up our own portfolios of work. 

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